Funding for Your Business Success

Funding for Your Business Success

Funding for Your Business SuccessFunding for Your Business SuccessFunding for Your Business Success


For entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, Xcelerate Financial has multiple funding programs to help businesses get the funding they need to be successful. We will work diligently to ensure you get funded and the funding you receive is the right program that fits your needs and sets your business up for success as we have been in your position and understand how difficult it can be to run a business.   We do not just look at your credit and treat you like another number. We want to hear your story, your goals, and look at your business's current condition when determining approvals. Your whole situation matters to us.

We are here to be your trusted funding partner on your road to building the best business possible.

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Xcelerate Financial is here for businesses that need cash to grow and expand. Our funding requirements are simple and straightforward. Our goal is to provide funding to companies to help them achieve their goals. 

Example of Funding


A painting company in Colorado had an great opportunity to take on a large commercial project and develop a good working relationship with the General Contractor (GC) and earn future business. The original bid was a little over $77,000 and the project would take around 5-6 months to complete. However, there was one big problem...

Cash Flow

Labor and materials would need to be paid up front and payment from the GC was Net 45 days. The company was only in business for 5 months and even with great success so far they didn’t have the cash flow to maintain and grow the residential side of the business while supporting the Commercial project. The painting company had to make a decision quickly as the project started in 3 weeks which was certainly not enough time to attempt to secure funds from traditional lending sources. The owner had done research before on alternative financing and applied for a cash advance. He was approved and funded within 24 hours giving him ample funds to tackle the commercial project and see it all the way through without the stress or worry of how to pay expenses. 

When all was said and done and the advance was paid back the painting company made a hefty profit, developed a great relationship with the GC that lead to much more business in the commercial sector and even boosted the painting company’s credibility in the residential sector as well. Revenue from the project went from the original $77,000 to around $105,000 after change orders.

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